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ECB and Yorkshire Cricket are committed to ensuring all children who take part in cricket have a safe positive and fun experience, whatever their level. Everyone involved in delivering cricket to children and young persons has a role to play in creating the best possible environment for them.

ECB has developed and will ensure there are correct and comprehensive procedures in place for responding to, recording and reporting child safeguarding concerns. All the policies and procedures are contained in the ECB Safe Hands Folder. It is not the responsibility of any individual working in cricket to determine if abuse has taken place, but it is their responsibility to act upon and report any concerns.

ECB Safeguarding and Reporting Process

Guidance is available from the ECB on Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Cricket

Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children is called ‘Safe Hands’.

  1. Key Definitions and Concepts – Download here
  1. Safeguarding and a Club’s Duty of Care – Download here
  1. Safe Hands Safeguarding Kit Bag – Download here
  1. Putting things in place (background work, policies and paperwork).
  1. Having the right people in place (recruitment and guidance).
  1. What to do if you have concerns.
  1. Cricket specific safeguarding guidance.
Safeguarding resources for all aspects across the cricket game
DBS checks and ECB vetting in cricket
Welfare officers
1. All clubs nominate a CWO – under review
2. All CWO complete DBS check. If complete, send date of issue to
3. All CWO to complete Safeguarding and Protecting Children course. If complete, send date of course to
4. All CWO to complete ECB Safe Hands Workshop. If complete, send date of course to
  1. The DSB check, does it have to be a specific DBS check or can an existing DBS check be used?  I mean, do we need to duplicate essentially the same DBS check?  A school teacher requires one, will that suffice? This has to be a Cricket DBS
  1. Is there a process that you can point me to, for organising a DBS check? DBS forms can be accessed from is then a list of people that can then sign off the forms within the pack.  Every three years, the three requirements above must be updated.  Using DBS from another organisation is possible if the individual has registered with the DBS update service.
  1. Is a DBS check free? Yes for volunteers
  1. Is their any wiggle room with completing the courses?  As an example, one of our clubs would like to have a GP as their CWO.  As part of her day job she runs 6 monthly child welfare refresher courses.  Because she refuses to do a 3 hour safe hands course that she could teach herself, she will not be able to be the CWO.  Do we have this process and must not deviate from it?  What if we did? As far as I am aware, they must complete the 3hour Safe Hands course as this is cricket specific, there is no exception unless Ray Knowles can tell me otherwise, who is our County Welfare officer copied in.
  1. How often do the courses have to be refreshed?  Every 3 years
  1. Can I become a DBS Checker? It is important to note that a Child Welfare Officer, once trained, can verify DBS forms, they need to look for the tick box on their application form.
  1. Can I renew my Safeguarding compliance online?  Yes you can.  Once you have completed the classroom based Safeguarding course, there is no need to do this again.  You may complete a refresher, every 3 years, by following this link Renewal: Safeguarding and Protecting Children The course takes 1.5 hours.  The cost of this is £13.33 and upon completion and a visual of a certificate, a full refund is available through the League.

The policy is divided into three sections available to download below:

The Safeguarding ‘Kit Bag’ is organised into four sections:

Read the safeguarding policies, procedures, guidance documents and template forms for use in your cricket club and in other settings.

Visit the DBS Checks and ECB vetting section which is essential for roles in cricket working with children. 

Find information about why you need a welfare officer and what the role involves.

The Theakston Nidderdale Cricket League is committed to ensuring that every one of its member clubs, both senior and junior, irrespective of whether they have a junior section, will have a nominated Club Welfare Officer, a deputy, and both officers be fully trained and DBS checked.

At the Theakston Nidderdale Cricket League Annual General meeting, held on Monday 28th November 2016, each club in attendance made a public commitment to ensuring compliance with the requirements of a Club Welfare Officer. If a club does not actively engage with this commitment and either have a fully trained CWO or an action plan to become compliant during 2017, that club will not be allowed to take part in the Theakston Nidderdale Cricket League, or Nidderdale Junior Cricket League in 2017.

All cricket clubs have an obligation to appoint a Club Welfare Officer. These officers have a remit to provide advice on Safeguarding issues and ensure that the club adheres to all aspects of Safeguarding.

All cricket clubs, regardless of whether they provide junior coaching, junior training sessions or junior teams, must have a nominated and properly trained Club Welfare Officer.

Each Club Welfare Officer should attend a Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop accredited by Sportscoach UK and the ECB Safe Hands Workshop which is run by the County Board.

The Club Welfare Officer must also have a DBS check by which they should indicate their remit as the club officer.

Actions for Compliance:

All training courses, both Safeguarding and Protecting Children and ECB Safe Hands Workshopwill be provided at no cost to clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions: